A reputable spa & pool valet company
operating in the Matakana Coastal Area since 2007


Spa & Pool Maintenance

Garry and Maxine Geeson are the owners of Coastal Pool Valet. Garry and Maxine have several years experience of swimming pool maintenance and in their previous business were agents for a well known Australian pool and spa chemical and equipment supplier.

As well as chemical balancing and full pool and spa valet’s maintenance repair work or pool refurbishment can be arranged, ensuring a continuous hassle free pool for you.

  • Meticulous Cleaning

    Our attention to detail is second to none. We place high importance on a sanitised and hygienically clean pool. Not a spot is left untouched.

  • Long History

    Coastal Pool Valet has been operating in the Matakana Coastal area for the past ten years and continues to increase in cliental through recommendations.

  • Friendly Staff

    Staff are friendly and trustworthy ensuring coded entry to clients properties are at complete discretion.

  • Mobile Service

    The business was established as a mobile service.  This also has an advantage as stock items are delivered direct to your door. No driving to a local supplier

  • Trained Staff

    All employees are personally trained by Garry to ensure a high standard of quality.

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Scheduled maintenance
and repairs customised to your pool